Delivering a personalized letter from Santa creating a memorable experience throughout the year

About Santa Replies

Santa Replies believes the spirit of Christmas is in sharing hope and joy. Hope and Joy. Isn’t that what the idea of Santa represents — the belief that things are better when the world is a bit nicer to each other?

Generations of children have believed in that spirit and magic of Christmas by writing letters to Santa—yes, many are asking for gifts, but some are also meant to tell him about their accomplishments, good deeds and dreams. What if Santa replied to these letters with a personalized response specifically for them?

Santa Replies delivers this memorable experience and much more. Our unique, personalized letter from Santa, notecards and gift packages will bring wonder, amazement and smiles to your loved ones—while also inspiring and reinforcing positive behavior throughout the year.

Whether you are a parent, guardian, grandparent, aunt, uncle, other relative or a friend, Santa Replies will help promote the spirit and tradition of Christmas while reinforcing your loved one’s belief in Santa. Together we can share the hope and joy of the holiday season and promote nice-ness throughout the world.

Why Santa Replies?

There are a lot of choices online when it comes to ordering personalized letters from Santa. After exploring and placing orders from a myriad of competitors, we realized there was an unmet need for a more unique, high-quality and easy-to-order experience. Santa Replies was created to address this market by delivering meaningful products and memories for more discerning parents and customers.

Custom-designed products you won’t find anywhere else

We built this company with products and an experience that we ourselves would want for our family and loved ones. Our products are not only more sophisticated in design and production, they also look more authentic.

Quick and easy online ordering experience

Ordering a gift, especially one as memorable and impactful as a personalized letter from Santa shouldn’t be complicated. We make it easy with our simple one-of-a-kind ordering system, even in households with multiple children. Simply select personalization options from drop-down menus to create a completely unique letter for your loved one.

Santa Replies promotes environmental responsibility

Santa Replies believes we should leave the world a better place than we found it. When developing our products, we take into consideration their impact on the environment —from creation to production to delivery.

** We strive to manufacture all products in the United States but realize that due to supply chain and labor issues that is not always possible.


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