Encourage positive behavior throughout the year with a personalized message from Santa!

What better proof is there that Santa is always watching than a personalized message delivered in the middle of the year?

Being “nice” should happen year-round...and not simply appear in time for the Holidays. Thinking of others, behaving and working toward goals should be encouraged throughout the year even when “no one’s watching.” With Santa Replies you can show your loved ones that their efforts at being a better person are being noticed, and remind them that Santa is always watching!

Personalized Santa Letter
“From the Desk of Santa Claus”

  • Arrives via USPS in December (order before December 10, 2023 for guaranteed Christmas delivery).
  • Unique “sleigh-mail” envelope is postmarked from the “North Pole” and sealed with a realistic wax seal sticker.
  • Personalize the recipient’s letter with choice of content based on their goals, accomplishments and recent good deeds.
  • Each letter printed on special embossed “Santa Certified” stationery and addressed to the recipient.
  • Order a single letter from Santa, with a Personalized Notecard, or as part of a limited-edition gift package from Santa.
Embossed Santa Certified Stamp – SantaReplies.com Waxed Santa Claus seal – SantaReplies.com North Pole postage stamp – SantaReplies.com

The spirit of Christmas delivered right to your mailbox!

Spirit of Christmas – SantaReplies.com

Make Christmas magical and memorable with a personalized letter, notecard and gift package from Santa!

Surprise and delight your child or loved one with a personalized notecard, letter or package from Santa — one that is guaranteed to make them smile. Ordering is as simple as 1-2-3:


Personalize the recipient's letter.

Be sure to double-check for accuracy, as Santa has to remember millions of names and sometimes they're spelled differently


Choose the Santa package you would like to send.

Select from a personalized Santa letter, notecard or gift package, or a combination of all three.


We'll ship it to your mailbox when the time is right.

Order any time of the year. Letters and gift boxes will arrive before Christmas (if ordered by the deadline) and note cards are sent in the summer months.


Check some things off your Christmas list early

Go ahead and order your personalized letter from Santa for your loved one today! We will send regular updates on its progress—when the order is received, when the elves are working on assembly, and when it ships from Santa’s Distribution Facility.


Get these collectible gifts from Santa before they’re all gone!

Set of two (2) Antique Brass Nice Tokens – SantaReplies.com

Set of two (2) Antique Brass “Nice” Tokens

  • Limited-edition custom die-struck metal tokens for Christmas 2022
  • 1.5” (39mm) in diameter and double-sided with the Santa Certified™ seal on the front and qualities that put one on Santa’s Nice List on the reverse
  • Coins are a reminder of desirable and positive qualities, including: Honesty, Generosity, Patience, Kindness, Forgiveness, Responsibility, and Gratefulness
  • Set of two coins arrive in a red felt gift bag — one to keep and one to share with someone else
Limited Edition Santa Certified Gift Package – SantaReplies.com

Limited-Edition Santa-Certified™ Personalized Gift Package

  • Custom gift package, with letter from Santa, addressed to the recipient arrives via USPS before Christmas.
  • Includes personalized letter “From the Desk of Santa Claus” in box.
  • Two (2) antique brass “Nice” Tokens promoting positive attributes in a gift bag—one to keep, and one to share with someone else
  • Re-usable and reversible oversized “seek-and-find” activity poster
  • Liquid Chalk marker for use *

Order a Personalized Notecard and Letter to save!

Simply select the “Letter + Notecard” option when checking out. Notecards are shipped in July and letters will ship around Thanksgiving.


Prove Santa is always watching—throughout the year!

Do you want to encourage positive behavior throughout the year? Sometimes all it takes is a reminder that Santa is always watching boys and girls to ensure they are behaving, being helpful and being nice to others. Help promote positive behaviors with a personalized Christmas in July notecard that will arrive during the summer months.

Christmas in July Notecard

  • Personalized 5 in. x 7 in. Ships via sleigh-mail (USPS) beginning in July.
  • Unique “sleigh-mail” announcement envelope is postmarked from the “North Pole” and sealed with a realistic wax seal sticker.
  • Personalize the recipient’s notecard with choice of content based on their hobbies.
  • Can be ordered as a stand-alone letter from Santa, with a Personalized Letter or with a unique limited-edition gift package from Santa.
Realistic wax seal sticker – SantaReplies.com Sleigh mail North Pole sticker – SantaReplies.com

Sharing Joy and Promoting "Nice"ness Around the World

Christmas is about more than simply getting presents. In fact, happiness doesn’t come wrapped in a box with a giant bow on it. In today’s over-stimulated, overly materialistic world, it can be hard to teach children that it is far better to give than to receive-and that simple acts of kindness can help spread joy and hope throughout the world.

Isn’t this the foundation for everything Santa Claus believes in? The belief that things are better when people are a bit nicer to each other? Generations of children have believed in that spirit and Santa Replies would like to help reinforce that message year-round with our unique, limited-edition cards, personalized Santa letters and gift packages.

Santa Certified – SantaReplies.com